2022 Education Services
(by Zoom until late June)



Margaret Jennings


Marjen Education Services provides Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) education and review to staff in the non-hospital setting. This is by engaging staff through demonstration, competency checking and provision of resources for ongoing education.

In 2014 I was invited by the RACGP to contribute to their 5 th edition Infection Prevention & Control standards. I have been approached to assist with a review for 2022.


My interest in IPC started many years ago when reviewing the use of chemical disinfectants. Later, when the national standard for instrument reprocessing was released, this sparked my interest in its application in office-based practice.


I am Melbourne based and have

    • worked in clinical and research microbiology laboratories
    • lectured/tutored/demonstrated at tertiary level.
    • conducted clinical/sharps waste audits in Victorian hospitals
    • completed a recognised course (Dept of Health and Human Services Vic) for pre/post HIV testing.