2022 Education Services
(by Zoom until late June)


2022 Policy templates for General Practice


      • This is a suite of 14 IPC policy templates sent electronically in word for your completion by prompting cues. There is an additional complimentary policy on COVID-19. The policies include: precautions, PPE, Hand Hygiene (incl for surgery), Environmental and Clinical surface Cleaning, Clinical Waste management, Instrument reprocessing etc. It aligns with current advice for COVID-19 as much as possible and sits within National Guidelines/RACGP Standards.


      • The 2022 policy templates are purchased as a complete set. The fee is $275 fee (inc GST) and include the 2022 prac guide and COVID-19 GP policy. Please ask for a sample template and cover page that lists the policies.



2022 Practical Guide for General Practice


      • This is available electronically as a pdf and includes current COVID-19 related information. It is divided into topics and includes procedure liftout sheets. Fee $88 incl GST. It is included in the policy templates fee. It is for use only in the purchaserís practice. Please ask for a sample index page and topic.



BI Tests and Incubation for Steriliser Validation


      • 7 BIs are required per steriliser with 48 hours incubation at 56 C. I post out Bis with instructions and a return express envelope for incubation in my annually calibrated incubator. I email the template for your use and am available for phone support. An incubation report is forwarded on completion. The fee for 7 Bis, return postage and incubation is $165 incl  GST for one steriliser or $242 for two sterilisers done at the same time. If you require tests only or incubation only, the fee is $110 incl GST.


Please email for each available outline or call to discuss.




Mobile: 0404 088 754