2022 Education Services
(by Zoom until late June)


Infection Prevention & Control education sessions for PHNs from Feb to June 2022


1 hr by zoom and I send you a recording (or you may record to your platform and keep)


      1. A 1 hr session using most recent information on variants and testing to assist reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19 in the practice by focussing on:

          • Staff risks to each other – why? Some strategies to reduce risk
          • Use, removal of staff face PPE and cleaning /storage of reusable eye protection
          • Improving ventilation in the practice – simple tips
          • Getting hand hygiene, cleaning and clinical waste sorted – what stops us from getting it right?
          • Skincare - hands and nose bridge – how, what with and when   
          • Best use of RATs for staff
          • What is immune escape and why does it cause breakthrough infection in vaccinated people?
          • What new COID-19 vaccines will be developed in 2022
          • Why it is important to reduce transmission and continue to test, trace and isolate – a sobering reminder
          • Can SARS-CoV-2 really become endemic when it has always been an epidemic disease?

      2. A 1 hr session with an aim to provide practices with some tools to be able to work out whether instrument reprocessing is being done to a standard, its costs (environmental, labour, time, energy, water, waste, materials, equipment maintenance) and whether disposables are a preferred option in some cases. In this session, I cover:

          • the requirements for a suitable physical environment
          • why mechanical cleaning is preferred to manual cleaning and will this be a requirement in the future?
          • staff training and identifying safety risks when reprocessing
          • criteria to assess true, often hidden costs of reprocessing instruments
          • how to assess if disposable is more sustainable, cheaper and gives the required standard for your practice.  

        (I use three different types of practice scenarios to make these assessments on)

      3. A 2 hour education session (presented as two 1 hr sessions split as below) titled “Basic Infection Prevention & Control Education (can be used as a refresher as well as for new staff whether admin or clinical)

          • Standard and Transmission based Precautions
          • Hand Hygiene (alcohol/soap, hand care, gloves, nails/jewellery
          • Modes of transmission and suitable PPE / how to use correctly according to mode of transmission
          • Staff Immunisation

          • Cleaning performed by staff
          • Body Fluid spills management
          • Clinical waste and sharps management
          • Immediate response to a body fluid exposure  


In addition you may request:

        • a 2 hr instrument reprocessing session – just ask for outline
        • a 1 hr session on multiresistant organisms (our other pandemic) e.g MRSA and their management in the practice to cover their origin, hand hygiene, surface decontamination, understanding sensitivity results


Please email for each available outline or call to discuss.




Mobile: 0404 088 754